Bethesda Mediation Lawyers

At The Finkelstein Group, P.C., we value opportunities to work through conflicts cooperatively. This is especially true in family law matters, where highly personal decisions could end up being left to a judge in court. As Bethesda mediation attorneys, we offer clients throughout the Washington, D.C., area the chance to retain control of decision-making while working through a legal dispute.

Attorneys Nathan I. Finkelstein have extensive experience in mediation. Both are court-appointed mediators who are often referred to mediate cases related to family law and general civil litigation.

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Montgomery County Attorneys For Civil Litigation And Family Law Mediation

Mediation is not only for parties who agree on most issues. Individuals, businesses and couples throughout Maryland can benefit from mediation when settling high-conflict legal disputes.

Mediation is often a favorable approach to dispute resolution, not because it avoids argument, but because it avoids lengthy, expensive litigation. It also allows the most important aspects of personal issues like divorce and family law to be worked out according to the disputing parties' goals, rather than according to law alone.

Mediators typically guide clients through the issues one by one, at each step providing information that facilitates thoughtful decision-making based on the advantages and disadvantages of each decision. The result is a customized agreement that addresses the parties' unique legal needs.

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In some cases, the attorneys of The Finkelstein Group, P.C., act as attorneys who represent one party in mediation. In other cases, they act as mediators themselves, balancing the issues between both parties. We are highly skilled in both scenarios so do not hesitate to contact us to get the information you need.